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The Red King who sits on the Dead Mans Throne
In a place where all things meet there sits on a cursed throne made of the dead a king cloaked in red, whose face covered in the mask of the dammed. we do not know who he is, but only that he is cursed to sit on this throne, to guide the souls of man to either the beyond or the great abyss. it is not know why he sits on that throne of dead men, only that it is his punishment for an unspeakable crime he committed back when the world was young and the valley of Kalash still brought forth its great bounties, when the islands of Zeta and Malkal still raised above the water, when the King of the Leviathans Khazad-miûn still walk the world fighting his endless war against Shiá-leong's dragons and when there was a king of man who sat on the throne of blood in the halls of Kinshi.
But now those days has passed by like dust in the wind, but he still remains sitting on the Dead Mans Throne, a king without a nation, a man sealed within a body he did not want, a twisted fa
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The Great Battle of the Kronstadting sea
Time: 0609
Date: April 1, 2420
Location: Kronstadting sea
It was a calm day at sea, Dolphins were jumping around while the local population of Fin whales were in the middle of thier mating season while at the same time a great white shark with a god damn laser gun strap to his head for some reason ate its fifth human victim cause reasons.
All was perfectly fine, that was until Two fleets enter the area, one fleet being compose of a Iowa-Class Battleship (ASWS RV), a Kirov-class heavy missile cruiser (ASWS SCH), Four Bismarck-class Battleships (ASWS CONQ, ASWS SPUNZ ASWS GERMANIA,ASWS ROMMEL), five Ticonderoga-class cruiser mark 41 (ASWS DELTA, ASWS CODY, ASWS MEP, ASWS SWORDSGIRL, ASWS CHIM), two Nimitz-Class Aircraft Carriers ( ASWS DA, ASWS SHIRU) and a Virginia-Class Submarine (ASWS SOUL)
The other fleet was
:iconsoulessone12:soulessone12 8 32
Mature content
Divided we Fall Ch.4: Black as the Pit :iconsoulessone12:soulessone12 0 0
Divided We Fall Ch.3: The President Came By
Location: New York, New York
Date: November 13, 2015
Time: 3:22 PM Local Time
Jefferson was walking down Time Square as he wonder what to do next, Danial's victory in the presidential election has thrown the Minutemen's plans into chaos as the leadership scramble to figure out what to do next. As he kept walking he suddenly heard his phone ring. Picking it up he answered "yes?". a voice came through saying "Jefferson, this is Paul Revere, I got the package you order.".  Jefferson responded "that's good to hear, Also has the son said anything about are next step?". Paul Revere responded back " ya, about that, he has given Operation American Restoration the go ahead.".
Jefferson smiled and replied back "that's good to hear, tell the son that I am already ready for Phase 1". Revere "copy that, I will tell the son that you are ready for Phase 1 Aquila.". "Roger that" replied Jefferson before ending the call. Jefferson kinda found it funny that the code name Paul Revere was only given
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Divided We Fall Ch.2: Fell Clutch of Circumstance
Location: Bossier City, Louisiana 
Date: November 8, 2016
Time: 8:25 AM Local time
Richard W. Vertrauen was walking down a hallway in what use to be a warehouse but is now the campaign headquarters to get him elected to a seat to the house of representatives. As he walked down the hall on his way to his favorite restaurant for breakfast he began thinking back on the road he was on. he remember how the whole election season started, with everyone predicting a Clinton vs Bush election while he launch his own campaign based on the conservative values he knew where true. 
as he enter the car he then reflect on what happen next, after the primaries he along with the rest of the nation couldn't believe that a dark horse candidate won both the democrat's primary elections, and he to was shock along with many as the presidential elections descended into a bloody street war between liberal and co
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Divided We Fall Ch.1: the calm before the storm
Location:  Rotunda of the National Archives Building, Washington, D.C
Date, July 2, 2015
Time: 11:00 PM
It was a quite night in Washington as just about everyone was asleep or was going to go to sleep, however this tranquil peace was interrupted by the sound of a car in a hurry. the car stopped in the parking lot in closest to the Rotunda of the National Archives. the car was then followed by a very big truck and it parked right next to it. out of the truck and car were eight men in suits and as they reach the entrance one of the men open the door with a skeleton key and they all entered the building. inside they turned on the lights and walk quietly as to not draw attention to themselves. soon they reach there destination, four display cases with glass design to be air tight as possible and was filled with argon gas to keep the four pages safe. the men began removing them with perfect precision as they began the processes of safely removing them. soon all four were out and t
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The Unsung Act of a Disgraced President
Date: July 1, 2015
Location: The White House
it was about midnight local time and President Barrack Obama was walking back in fourth in deep thought in the Oval Office. While the rest of America was going to bed looking forward to the Fourth of July Obama strolled back in fourth in the Oval office. A while back he was notified by his cabinet of a rather disturbing find, it seems that The True Minutemen of America, a Far-right organization/political party was making plans to seize control of the nation if they lost the election or if another democrat wins. Now normally Obama will brush this type of stuff off as conspiracy nonsense but he had reason to worry, because part of those plans involved burning down the Constitution and replacing it with a version of there own and parade it around as if it was the original, heck they even went so far as to make it in the same hand-writing style, ink, and paper as the original document, it even had the same preamble.
As Obama continued thinking o
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A Authors Carol.

It was a calm lovely night as Reki Kawahara was sleeping soundly in his bed, thinking of new ideas for his series sword art online, that is if he had any. As he continued his thoughts in his sleep he wonder if he should make Kirito a demigod with infinite power and Asuna an even bigger tool. little did he knew that fate had other plans for him.
As the clock struck Mid-night Reki heard a voice saying "wake up". ignoring it he continue his sleep then he heard two voices "wake up!",still ignoring them he then got hit in the head by a book while at the same time three voices said "WAKE UP BAKA!". waking up Reki could not believe his eyes. in front of him stood three men, yet they where not men, they where more like wispy shades of white i
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Oc Profile: Private First Class Roger Simon
OC file: 011
NAME: Espowyes 
AGE: 22
HEIGHT: 5"10
WEIGHT: 158 lbs
EYE COLOR: brown
BIRTHDAY: May,21,1995
HOMETOWN:  Lenore, Idaho 
NICKNAMES/ALLIS: Roger Simon, Private
GEAR/WEAPONS: in war he uses a M4 Carbine as his primary weapon, a SIG P228 as his side arm, and a tomahawks made of carbon-steel. in civilian life he doesn't carry those and instead opts for a pocket knife.
SKILLS/POWERS: as a fully trained member of the United States Army Roger is well verse in Military Martial Arts along with knowledge of the Native American base martial arts style Okichitaw, he is also knows plenty of survival skill, is well trained in firearms, and is tri-lingual in Nez Perce, English, and Spanish.
DISTINGUISHING FEATURES: has a tribal tattoo on his left arm, wears a red jacket all the time when he is outside (except obviously if he is in a warzone).
PERSONALITY: Richard being from the army will obey any order without question unless the order itsel
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Oc Profile: Representative Richard
OC file: 010
NAME: Richard W. Vertrauen 
AGE: 58
WEIGHT: 180 lbs
EYE COLOR: brown
BIRTHDAY: October,5,1958
HOMETOWN: Bossier City, Louisiana 
GEAR/WEAPONS: a Quad cane he uses do help deal with a crippling pain on his right leg
SKILLS/POWERS: is a excellent lawyer and has great potential to be a great representative 
DISTINGUISHING FEATURES: is bald and always wear's a suit.
PERSONALITY: Wise, perceptive, quite, calm, cautious and possessing a no-nonsense attitude to life Richard is considered to be incorruptible as he has resisted many of the pitfalls of modern day politics. He also has a big heart despite his calm and quite exterior 
BIO: Representative Richard W. Vertrauen was born the son of a successful business over and had an average childhood despite the unrest that happen during the sixties and seventies. he went to Harvard and graduated as part of the top 10% of his class and beca
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Oc Profile: Senator Elijah
OC file: 009
NAME: Elijah C. Pas
AGE: 47
HEIGHT: 5'08
WEIGHT: 156 lbs
EYE COLOR: brown
HAIR COLOR: dark brown 
BIRTHDAY: December,10,1969
HOMETOWN: Daytona Beach, Florida 
SKILLS/POWERS: Is a skilled politician and a good speech maker 
DISTINGUISHING FEATURES: is a bit short, has a birthmark above his left eye. 
PERSONALITY: Elijah is a a very social person, a great father and tends to get along well with just about anyone, including the most hardcore of democrats and republicans. Elijah also is very duty-bound and takes his job very seriously.
BIO: born in Daytona Beach on December 10, 1968 Elijah C. Pas was the son of a mariner. growing up he didn't have a nice childhood as his father was often away on voyages that didn't pay much and his mother was a drug addict. despite that Elijah manage to complete school at the top of his class and went to Princeton University which he graduated from
:iconsoulessone12:soulessone12 0 0
Oc profile: Joshua
OC file: 008
NAME: Joshua Spero
AGE: 18
HEIGHT: 5'10
WEIGHT: 171 lbs
EYE COLOR: brown
HAIR COLOR: Light brown 
BIRTHDAY: July,3,1996
HOMETOWN: Vass, North Carolina 
NICKNAMES/ALLIS: Josh, buffy, Joshy, QB
GEAR/WEAPONS:Joshua has light skin, a silver crucifix necklace that he wears at all times and tends to walk around with a loaded pistol except when he is at school or places where they are not allow 
SKILLS/POWERS: Josh is very skilled with firearms thanks to his dad who used to be in the US military, and he has a preference for rifles. Also he is a decent wrestler, knows some Military Martial Arts and knows basic survival skills. also is a good cook
DISTINGUISHING FEATURES: Josh tends to wear his sweeter almost all the time without zipping it up, also he has a mole on his face in the middle of his right cheek.
PERSONALITY: Josh is kind, observant, and insightful but he is also rather cautious and level headed with plenty of patience. he is a bit of a patriot but he doe
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heir of Armor by soulessone12 heir of Armor :iconsoulessone12:soulessone12 0 0 still going on by soulessone12 still going on :iconsoulessone12:soulessone12 0 9 What the fuck? by soulessone12 What the fuck? :iconsoulessone12:soulessone12 2 12
Of Heads Unworthy Ch.30: Requiem
The next day everyone woke up early for different reasons, some wanted to continue the search for survivors even though it became clear that other than Renascenta there where none, others wanted to find there friends bodies and give them proper funerals, and others simply wanted to enjoy the fact that they where still alive to fight another day.While all this happen Vas, still wearing what he wore yesterday was looking around the campsite which was on the hills north of the ruined city when he saw Baron practicing archery. walking over he told Dan "well this ain't like you, normally you will be up to your usual pranks.". Baron reply "well Vas, I'm saving that for the feast!". 
Vas nodded silently in agreement and went his way. As he walk by a group of servants carrying something for the feast that will happen in the evening he saw Shindon was busying himself with creating a miniature stone sculpture that one of the soldiers asked him to make, thinking to himself Vas thought "
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Cuddles by bivoirart Cuddles :iconbivoirart:bivoirart 64 10 Tactical Troll Strike by ComradeSch Tactical Troll Strike :iconcomradesch:ComradeSch 10 19 Lolstika Stamp by ColumbianSFR Lolstika Stamp :iconcolumbiansfr:ColumbianSFR 12 10 Jon Stewart by YTPArtist Jon Stewart :iconytpartist:YTPArtist 31 8 Stamp - Stop Saying it is! by ThatWasLeftHanded Stamp - Stop Saying it is! :iconthatwaslefthanded:ThatWasLeftHanded 4 3
Straight Outta .Compton
Over the past week there has been nothing but blatant disrespect for the administration and deviants. We want this to be a community right? Well we're tearing it apart with this bullshit. We're fighting and trying to form a revolution to get jark back. I would like to see jark back in his former position but not this way. Today is yellow day and It looks like it went off with little to no problems. People didn't stop submitting art. deviantART is about art, and if we stop deviantART will crumble and everyone will lose. I cannot remember who made that statement but it was a very good one and I give my thanks.
I don't think jark would want a community that even though he was forced to resign, would want it to crumble. To completely throw away what he and the other admins have worked on the past 5 years would be completely stupid and I cannot stress anymore that he would not want you spamming spyed's user page. Grow up guys and act like civilized human beings not anima
:iconaquanius:Aquanius 2 5
Battleship SMS Pommern in Battle of Jutland by Edward-55 Battleship SMS Pommern in Battle of Jutland :iconedward-55:Edward-55 4 1
Kingsman best scene
It'll blow your mind away. :D
:iconjax1776:Jax1776 3 5
Helm's Deep Revisited by Jon-Snow Helm's Deep Revisited :iconjon-snow:Jon-Snow 27 39 Punisher Splat poster by Deviantapplestudios Punisher Splat poster :icondeviantapplestudios:Deviantapplestudios 60 6 Seras Victoria Poster by eeeeeeeyyyyyy Seras Victoria Poster :iconeeeeeeeyyyyyy:eeeeeeeyyyyyy 74 33 Fire and Flames by grimmjack Fire and Flames :icongrimmjack:grimmjack 270 130 First Halloween by M-Twins First Halloween :iconm-twins:M-Twins 79 11 the internet by EatToast the internet :iconeattoast:EatToast 6,030 1,019 Stamp - Overreaction by ThatWasLeftHanded Stamp - Overreaction :iconthatwaslefthanded:ThatWasLeftHanded 24 28 Crown of Thorns by Genesis-Orbit Crown of Thorns :icongenesis-orbit:Genesis-Orbit 150 94



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Hi my name is Soulessone12 and i am a writer on DA who happens to have a rather unique way of thinking. I am very friendly and very tolerable but I am someone you do not want to tick off. if you wish to discuss things with me simply write a comment and i will eventually get to you

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well since my friend :iconzucca-xerfantes: decided to remake his music theme journal i decided to do the same because i realize that the music choices i made the last time i did this weren't so accurate in some cases so this time im going to do it right and see if this works out well XD. anyways these are the music themes for the main characters from the Of Heads Unworthy universe and watch as i fail the explanation cause... im bad at explaining things...

Theme 1:

well what can i say about this song that other have not? this song basically explains Vas perfectly as he is the first main protagonist of this story (ya i did drop a hint to what i have plan XD) and many people consider him a hero and Vas himself does fit that criteria quite well as he will defend those who needs it and he is not afraid to take on the odds but even deep down he is just a man and he is not afraid to call out for help

Theme 2:

well with this song i was debating to give this to either to Jack or Vas but after hearing this multiple times im giving this song to Vas, for two reasons; One Vas isn't scared easily and even if he is he can prevent his fear from controlling him and second its because he is also willing to face his inner demons and he can unify many. 

Theme 1:

This song.. when i heard this song for the first time Jack Gladio immediately sprung into mind, this song its just perfect for him, it captures his will to live, his stubbornness,the way he fights his battles and lastly that he may be the only one who can resits total corruption and still be part of the light. Fade Away by 12 stones is basically the perfect theme for jack as it basically describes his whole life so perfectly... (huh i think i dropped another hint for what i have plan...)
Theme 2:

well what do you know, a song from my old list! anyways this song basically nails down Jacks willpower, if Vas is the leader then Jack is the soldier that does not give a damn about his own safety and will fight to the death till he collapses or the enemy is dead. also it shows the difference be tween him and his rival Shindon as while Shindon is much more calm Jack is rather very agressive


Theme 1:

well this song.. just like Baron it's pretty funny and also like Baron its pretty serious as well if you look deeper, hence its a perfect fit for him. 

Theme 2:

well out of the 5 guys in the main group Baron and Jack our the most reckless, but there style off recklessness is different, this song encompasses the style of recklessness that Baron uses as he does not care for consequences.
Theme 1:

While Shindon isn't as bloodthirsty as his rival Jack in killing he will fight to win no matter what but in a more restrain manner, he also a little more cautious than Jack and he does not give up as easily, something this song describes very well
Theme 2:

and another song from my old list, this song describes Shindons personality more than his fighting style, also like the previous theme it shows the difference between him and his rival Jack as while jack is much more aggressive as seen in his themes Shindon is a lot more calmer and this theme also catches his persuit to figuring out what is order in this imperfect world.

Theme 1:

Dan being a mage has to walk a very thin line between light and darkness as some spells are powered by different forms of magic some of which are more riskier than others, like a dance with the devil
Theme 2:

when i heard this song i immediately thought of Dan and his journey into becoming a great mage, this song catches his character perfectly
Theme 1:

This theme reflects the character of The Man with no Name, it fits his mysterious nature perfectly as well as the mysteries surrounding him such as who he is, why does he appear at critical times and what is his true goal? 
Theme 2:

This song reflects what we do know about The Man with no Name as it reflects the witness side of him as he does know a great many things as well as seeing the ebb and flow of time itself

and as a sneak peak to events that i have planned for these guys that i hope i can start next year (if i can find a artist who is good at both manga and western comic styles and can critic me as well) here is a theme for a character i have not reveal yet but you guys can guess his role (guess correctly and i will give you a llama badge and if you can guess his personality correctly as well im also going to watch you as well) and one of Vas's theme for the second phase of my plan.
Theme 1:

Theme 2:


geez this took longer than i thought XD

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soulessone12 Featured By Owner Jan 2, 2017
Make that option 2 with a side of contemplating what to do with this account
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I see you went to the DA school of humor
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(Before I begin, if you post a person's icon in a comment, do they know about it? Last time I did that they came down on my ass :0)

I saw your comment on a group called BreakingTheIllusion and wonder:

If they know about the supposed corruption of modern society, how will they overthrow it? And do they have anything good to replace it?

I call it the "Well, now what?" effect.

Sure, you've done everything BreakingTheIllusion told you to do (and that makes you a sheep of these revolutionaries-ironic, no?)

Sure, you've convinced the whole world that modern civilization is B.S.

Sure, the whole world walks away from civilization and all its sins.

But now what do we do? Does this group have a plan to replace the "corrupt" system?

Maybe it's all true, maybe some entity controls the whole world for all I know, maybe the government is not worth supporting, but civilization is better than nothing, isn't it?
soulessone12 Featured By Owner May 20, 2016
yes to your question about the icons

and you are correct thats the main problem with that group, they say a lot but haven't offer an alternative that i know of, if you ask me they really need to offer an alternative before they go out there and say all there crazy things
LordPendragonOfCaria Featured By Owner Dec 19, 2016  Hobbyist Writer
That's the problem with a lot of people who are anti-government/current society/etc. Sure, they're fully entitled to hate what they want, but if they have no ideas on how to "fix" this supposed "problem", they're complaints and criticism aren't going to hold much worth if you ask me :roll:
soulessone12 Featured By Owner Apr 27, 2016
well thats one big pile of bullshit
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