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United States
Hi my name is Soulessone12 and i am a writer on DA who happens to have a rather unique way of thinking. I am very friendly and very tolerable but I am someone you do not want to tick off. if you wish to discuss things with me simply write a comment and i will eventually get to you

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-I always constantly update the OC Profiles and any guides I have written so it is suggested you check them out once in a while, because who knows, I might drop a hint on the OC's fate or something....
-Multi-chapter stories have there own folders while short stories do not so if you are following any multi-chapter story i am writing it's best you check its folder


In a place where all things meet there sits on a cursed throne made of the dead a king cloaked in red, whose face covered in the mask of the dammed. we do not know who he is, but only that he is cursed to sit on this throne, to guide the souls of man to either the beyond or the great abyss. it is not know why he sits on that throne of dead men, only that it is his punishment for an unspeakable crime he committed back when the world was young and the valley of Kalash still brought forth its great bounties, when the islands of Zeta and Malkal still raised above the water, when the King of the Leviathans Khazad-miûn still walk the world fighting his endless war against Shiá-leong's dragons and when there was a king of man who sat on the throne of blood in the halls of Kinshi.

But now those days has passed by like dust in the wind, but he still remains sitting on the Dead Mans Throne, a king without a nation, a man sealed within a body he did not want, a twisted face behind a mask of shame. For he is the cursed one, he is the one with the brand of a thousand hells, for he is...

The Red King who sits on the Dead Mans Throne
The Red King who sits on the Dead Mans Throne
just a short story ii though of to tie in with the Illuminos tales that i am currently working on, enjoy.

(and don't worry i am not spoiling anything so don't freak out)
as of today i have deleated the OC profiles for Vas, Jack, Dan, Shindon, and Baron due to conflicting cannon issues 
so after being back for while i have no clue whether i should finish Divided we fall then focus on the Illuminos stories or but Divided we fall on permanent hold and just focus on the Illuminos stories....
well since my friend :iconzucca-xerfantes: decided to remake his music theme journal i decided to do the same because i realize that the music choices i made the last time i did this weren't so accurate in some cases so this time im going to do it right and see if this works out well XD. anyways these are the music themes for the main characters from the Of Heads Unworthy universe and watch as i fail the explanation cause... im bad at explaining things...

Theme 1:

well what can i say about this song that other have not? this song basically explains Vas perfectly as he is the first main protagonist of this story (ya i did drop a hint to what i have plan XD) and many people consider him a hero and Vas himself does fit that criteria quite well as he will defend those who needs it and he is not afraid to take on the odds but even deep down he is just a man and he is not afraid to call out for help

Theme 2:

well with this song i was debating to give this to either to Jack or Vas but after hearing this multiple times im giving this song to Vas, for two reasons; One Vas isn't scared easily and even if he is he can prevent his fear from controlling him and second its because he is also willing to face his inner demons and he can unify many. 

Theme 1:

This song.. when i heard this song for the first time Jack Gladio immediately sprung into mind, this song its just perfect for him, it captures his will to live, his stubbornness,the way he fights his battles and lastly that he may be the only one who can resits total corruption and still be part of the light. Fade Away by 12 stones is basically the perfect theme for jack as it basically describes his whole life so perfectly... (huh i think i dropped another hint for what i have plan...)
Theme 2:

well what do you know, a song from my old list! anyways this song basically nails down Jacks willpower, if Vas is the leader then Jack is the soldier that does not give a damn about his own safety and will fight to the death till he collapses or the enemy is dead. also it shows the difference be tween him and his rival Shindon as while Shindon is much more calm Jack is rather very agressive


Theme 1:

well this song.. just like Baron it's pretty funny and also like Baron its pretty serious as well if you look deeper, hence its a perfect fit for him. 

Theme 2:

well out of the 5 guys in the main group Baron and Jack our the most reckless, but there style off recklessness is different, this song encompasses the style of recklessness that Baron uses as he does not care for consequences.
Theme 1:

While Shindon isn't as bloodthirsty as his rival Jack in killing he will fight to win no matter what but in a more restrain manner, he also a little more cautious than Jack and he does not give up as easily, something this song describes very well
Theme 2:

and another song from my old list, this song describes Shindons personality more than his fighting style, also like the previous theme it shows the difference between him and his rival Jack as while jack is much more aggressive as seen in his themes Shindon is a lot more calmer and this theme also catches his persuit to figuring out what is order in this imperfect world.

Theme 1:

Dan being a mage has to walk a very thin line between light and darkness as some spells are powered by different forms of magic some of which are more riskier than others, like a dance with the devil
Theme 2:

when i heard this song i immediately thought of Dan and his journey into becoming a great mage, this song catches his character perfectly
Theme 1:

This theme reflects the character of The Man with no Name, it fits his mysterious nature perfectly as well as the mysteries surrounding him such as who he is, why does he appear at critical times and what is his true goal? 
Theme 2:

This song reflects what we do know about The Man with no Name as it reflects the witness side of him as he does know a great many things as well as seeing the ebb and flow of time itself

and as a sneak peak to events that i have planned for these guys that i hope i can start next year (if i can find a artist who is good at both manga and western comic styles and can critic me as well) here is a theme for a character i have not reveal yet but you guys can guess his role (guess correctly and i will give you a llama badge and if you can guess his personality correctly as well im also going to watch you as well) and one of Vas's theme for the second phase of my plan.
Theme 1:

Theme 2:


geez this took longer than i thought XD

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pixiefairydustpinup Featured By Owner Dec 21, 2016  Student General Artist
soulessone is MIA...

...maybe abducted by aliens...

...or he got a life...

...and doesn't care about us anymore...
soulessone12 Featured By Owner Jan 2, 2017
Make that option 2 with a side of contemplating what to do with this account
pixiefairydustpinup Featured By Owner Jan 3, 2017  Student General Artist
hmm...that is troublesome, will have be uber devious to find a way to get you back full time. You should leave your account open, come and go as you feel like it...
soulessone12 Featured By Owner Jan 3, 2017
I see you went to the DA school of humor
Bonklefan99 Featured By Owner May 20, 2016
(Before I begin, if you post a person's icon in a comment, do they know about it? Last time I did that they came down on my ass :0)

I saw your comment on a group called BreakingTheIllusion and wonder:

If they know about the supposed corruption of modern society, how will they overthrow it? And do they have anything good to replace it?

I call it the "Well, now what?" effect.

Sure, you've done everything BreakingTheIllusion told you to do (and that makes you a sheep of these revolutionaries-ironic, no?)

Sure, you've convinced the whole world that modern civilization is B.S.

Sure, the whole world walks away from civilization and all its sins.

But now what do we do? Does this group have a plan to replace the "corrupt" system?

Maybe it's all true, maybe some entity controls the whole world for all I know, maybe the government is not worth supporting, but civilization is better than nothing, isn't it?
soulessone12 Featured By Owner May 20, 2016
yes to your question about the icons

and you are correct thats the main problem with that group, they say a lot but haven't offer an alternative that i know of, if you ask me they really need to offer an alternative before they go out there and say all there crazy things
LordPendragonOfCaria Featured By Owner Dec 19, 2016  Hobbyist Writer
That's the problem with a lot of people who are anti-government/current society/etc. Sure, they're fully entitled to hate what they want, but if they have no ideas on how to "fix" this supposed "problem", they're complaints and criticism aren't going to hold much worth if you ask me :roll:
soulessone12 Featured By Owner Apr 27, 2016
well thats one big pile of bullshit
Ryuuseinow Featured By Owner Aug 11, 2016  Student Digital Artist
You know this guy?
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